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Worcester Bosch | Greenstar Boiler Range

Aura Gas is an accredited installer of all Worcester Bosch boilers. We make it easy to choose the right boiler from this top brand for any home. We always aim to not baffle you with industry and heating jargon or too much science and calculations (working with heating systems can be complex). Here’s our simpler guide to Worcester boilers.

Overview: Worcester Bosch boiler range

Worcester supply gas and oil boilers for the home / domestic market under the Greenstar label.

Which? Best Buy - Worcester Greenstar i Combi

Combi boilers

  • Greenstar CDi Classic
  • Greenstar CDi Compact series
  • Greenstar Si Compact series
  • Greenstar i series
  • Greenstar Highflow CDi
  • Greenstar Heatslave II series (oil)
  • Greenstar Heatslave II External series (oil)

Regular boilers

  • Greenstar CDi Classic Regular series
  • Greenstar Ri (27kW & 30kW)
  • Greenstar Si Compact series
  • Greenstar Ri series
  • Greenstar FS CDi Regular series
  • Greenstar Danesmoor series (oil)
  • Greenstar Danesmoor Utility series (oil)
  • Greenstar Danesmoor Utility (High Output) series (oil)
  • Greenstar Danesmoor External series (oil)
Worcester Greenstar CDi Classic System + Which

System boilers

  • Greenstar CDi Classic
  • Greenstar CDi Compact series
  • Greenstar Si Compact series
  • Greenstar i series
  • Greenstar Highflow CDi
  • Greenstar Heatslave II series (oil)
  • Greenstar Heatslave II External series (oil)

Which? 'Best Buy' boilers

Which? consumer group has consistently awarded Best Buys to Worcester Bosch boilers year after year… a total of seven consecutive years now. It is probably the best boiler brand on the market with Which? saying the company’s boilers are reliable and well-loved by those who own them.

Most recent Which? test results state Worcester Bosch came first out of 13 boiler brands with an overall highly impressive brand score of 92%. Which? state the score is based on:

♦   Reliability

♦   Owners’ satisfaction with their boiler

♦   Likelihood of recommending Worcester to a friend

Detailed views of heating engineers on:

♦   How easy Worcester Bosch boilers are to repair and service

♦   Build quality

♦   How easy to get hold of parts and spares

♦   Likelihood to recommend them to a customer

Which? also found heating engineers who are not incentivised to install Worcester Bosch boilers are more likely to recommend the brand than others.

NB: To best choose and install a replacement boiler, Which? recommend you employ qualified heating engineers such as Aura Gas who are on the Which? Trusted Traders website and / or the Gas Safe register (formerly run by Corgi).

Boiler types

There are just three main types of boiler made by all manufacturers including Worcester: Combi, System and Regular (aka Conventional, Traditional and Heat-only).

‘Combi’ boilers

If your home is set up for a combination boiler, it supplies heat when taps and radiators are turned on. A hot water storage tank or cold water feed tank are not required. Combis are very cost-effective and energy efficient because water is heated ‘on demand’ for instant use, not stored in a tank.

Regular boilers

These water heating units are usually installed in properties that have a large cold water feed (often a storage-type tank in the loft) and also a hot water tank (typically in an airing cupboard). It directly heats radiators but hot water (for taps and showers) is heated via a coil in the hot water tank and then stored until the heated water is required. An external central heating pump ensures hot water is distributed around your home when required.

System boilers

Similar to a regular boiler but space for a cold water storage or feed tank (in a loft, say) is not required. Installation can be quicker and easier because a system boiler houses a central heating pump and expansion mechanism.

Choosing the best boiler for your home

Aura Gas understand it can be can be difficult, even confusing, to try to sift through such a wide range of boilers with features such as differing power outputs, flow rates, water tank requirements, etc.

That’s why we offer a free home appointment where we assess your current boiler and heating system set-up, your living space and hot water requirements.

The heating team at Aura Gas select the most appropriate Worcester Bosch boiler that will help ensure your hot water and heating needs are perfectly met. For instance, a home with gas central heating can cut energy bills by several hundred pounds when an old, non-condensing boiler is replaced with a new Worcester condensing water heating unit. Further efficiencies are achieved by picking the most suitable type and size for your property (based on factors such as number of bathrooms, number of residents at your home and living space to be kept warm).

We discuss your requirements, agree on the boiler required and finally supply a fixed price for installation – with no obligation to buy.

Answers to your boiler questions

For any questions, members of our team are available on ‘Live Chat’ (usually 9am-5pm – but you can leave a message via the service at any time). You can also call 02392 252171 or enter your query on our contact form.


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