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Boiler and Heating Issues at Home

Homeowners can take various simple steps to ensure boilers and central heating systems are working well or may need a registered engineer to assess problems. It can sound obvious, but is your heating working correctly? Here are a few ways to check.

Thermostat radiator valves


1 or 2 cold radiators?

If all your radiators are hot except maybe 1 or 2, check your TRVs. Simple tip: Go to your cold radiator, unscrew TRV base (red circle on photo), squirt metal pin with WD40, gently tap with hammer to ease up pin, screw TRV back on. Hot water should now be flowing back into your once-cold radiator.


Central heating water treatment


Is your water dirty?

To ensure  a high quality central heating system is able to deliver warming heat and hot water to your home for many years, our video covers details of the central heating water treatment process that Aura Gas implements during a new boiler installation.

Heating problems?


Three simple boiler checks

Before calling out a central heating engineer, Aura Gas suggests three simple checks. Watch our video to best understand the steps to follow.


Checking your radiators


Any cold radiators?

Our video on home heating shows how to assess if your radiators are working correctly. They may not be fully cold; it is not unusual for them to be warm or slightly warm towards the bottom of a radiator. Watch our video to learn more.

Other fairly common problems and signs to look out for when checking your heating include:

  • Strange noises
  • Timer on but little heat around the house
  • Hot water is lukewarm
  • Drips or leaks of water anywhere?
  • Strong pilot light – flame should be blue (not yellow)


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