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  • What type of electric boiler do I need?

    There are many types of electric boiler available including Direct Acting, Storage, Combined Primary Storage, and Dry Core Storage boilers.  We can help you choose what’s best for you and your home.

  • Is an electric boiler cheaper than a gas boiler?

    Although there have been great advances in electric boiler technology, mains gas boilers with radiators may still be cheaper to run than an electric boiler (Gas average cost = 4p/kWh; Electric average cost = 15p/kWh)

  • What are the advantages of having an electric boiler?

    Electric boilers are more efficient (up to 99% efficiency) as no heat is lost through burning fossil fuels, they are compact and do not require a flue, initial installation costs are cheaper, electric boilers require little maintenance, and they are quieter to run than their gas counterparts.

Electric Boilers from Aura Gas

Aura Gas offer state of the art electric boilers and can repair, replace or even service your current electric boiler system.

Our team have worked with a wide range of models, and with plenty of experience they are confident at understanding your boiler.

The Benefits of Electric Boilers

Experienced Installers

Aura Gas have experience with the installation of electric Economy 7 or Economy 10 heating systems, having worked with the manufacturer to find a suitable product that does not require a new overflow pipe.

Individual Components

Our electric boilers are designed using a unit that is separate to the controls, so if there is ever a problem, individual components can be changed rather than the complete unit.

Order Straight From Stock

We keep our electric boilers in stock so can arrange your replacement boiler within a few days from order. We understand no one wants to be left in the cold for longer than necessary.

Electric Boiler Replacement

An electric combi boiler is an ideal choice if you are looking to replace an old electric or gas boiler. Not only are they a cleaner choice over gas, but they are also typically cheaper to install and maintain than the likes of gas and oil.  

Our engineers are able to replace or relocate your new boiler, as well as a new installation; always adhering to current health and safety and best practice guidelines.

Competent, friendly & professional engineers

Fully qualified and experienced

Like for like replacements

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