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Case studies: Our customers aren’t afraid to speak their mind


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Some case studies we think may be of interest to you

I have been a customer of Aura Gas for some years over which time they have annually serviced my old boiler and subsequently replaced it with a fantastic new “A rated” boiler which quickly started saving me money on my heating and hot water bills (my old boiler was more than 25 years old so it was highly inefficient).

When I moved house recently, as part of the renovations and extensions to the property, I needed to replace the entire central heating and hot water system. Aura Gas were of course my first point of call. They visited the property, surveyed it and recommended a suitable system and included a 10 year warranty on the boiler. They worked closely with the project manager and installed the new system quickly over a few visits as the work progressed. Anthony worked his usual magic and the installation is fantastic, almost a piece of art!

The new system is highly efficient as it again replaced quite an old boiler so I am already making savings on my bills.

I have no problem recommending Aura Gas and their friendly, reliable team to any of my friends and family, excellent work and a first class company you can trust.

Steve Wood, Hilsea, Portsmouth.


Aura Gas Worcester BoilerWhen I heard that Worcester Bosch were launching a new boiler I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to replace the boiler in my own home. I had recently moved in and already decided that I wanted to change the old conventional system with a hot water tank in the airing cupboard to free up some additional space and give us hot water on demand.

The new ‘A rated’ Worcester Bosch 36 CDI Compact seemed like the obvious choice, a high output combination boiler but very compact. Later this year I am going to replace the kitchen and the boiler will fit inside a small wall cupboard. I am confident with Worcester Bosch as a product so the fact it was a new boiler didn’t worry me.

At the same time I changed the timer for a new digital wireless one and also put Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV’s) on the radiators. The installation took 2 days. Since the boiler has been installed I am saving at least 27% on my gas consumption.

Gary Robinson, Director, Aura Gas Limited

I discovered my existing boiler had been installed in a potentially dangerous place and really was also in need of replacement. Aura Gas were known to me as a reputable, friendly and trusted central heating supplier and so I instructed them to both replace and move my boiler.

The premises concerned is a basement flat that has very limited options on where the new boiler could fitted (which is probably why it was fitted in a dangerous place previously). Aura Gas came up with a good plan, but it meant my new boiler would be on the wall in my lounge.

At the time I was a very sceptical, reluctant customer and I had my doubts whether the boiler would be quiet and unobtrusive enough to meet my requirements.

The work took two full days.. Removal of my old boiler and making good was done very tidily and without any mess. The installation of the new boiler was equally efficient and I started to feel more confident about its positioning with an unobtrusive appearance. It looked fine. The winter months would test its noise and efficiency levels.

I have now had a full winter with the new boiler and feel very happy to report it has worked excellently. Aura Gas were very confident before installation that the boiler would be whisper quiet, more cost efficient, quicker to provide hot supply and ultimately unobtrusive too.

I can confirm that all these things have worked out great. I am very happy with the new Worcester Bosch 30 SI boiler. It is silent in operation; the water pressure has been dramatically improved and my fuel bills have been very, very competitive over the winter.

My boiler replacement wasn’t a straight forward job; it needed experience and confidence to know that siting it where they did would work out fine. I would be happy to recommend Aura Gas at any time to anyone.

Ian Dickson, Clarence parade, Southsea

The original heating was a Potterton Kingfisher 90MF Boiler gravity fed system with hot water cylinder, header tank, expansion tank, single pump and 15 radiators. Most radiators fitted with manual thermostatic valves. Control was from a single hall based thermostat and timer clock which can control two periods of time when the hot water is on – with or without the central heating. Some rooms were not heated to acceptable levels during November to February even by keeping the heating running 24 hours a day.

Aura Gas recommended the installation of a new heating system consisting of condensing boiler, Grundfos Home Booster, 17 radiators and Honeywell Hometronic management system. The installation has proved extremely flexible with its ability to easily change temperature profiles of rooms as and when required as well as in advance by use of the timed program feature. Despite a colder winter the costs of heating were lower than the previous period last year but more important overall comfort levels were significantly higher.

The ability to heat only those rooms when required, the ability to rapidly heat rooms on demand while maintaining frost-free background heating elsewhere has been a real boon.

David Blagden, Auckland Road East, Southsea

I contacted Aura Gas as I had had a lot of trouble with my existing boiler (only 4 years old) and the repair costs seemed to be escalating. I was advised that the existing combination boiler was poor quality and undersized by the original builders. I decided I wanted to replace the boiler and stop throwing good money after bad!

I was provided with a quote to install a new condensing boiler and was assured that the product that would be installed would be far superior to the old boiler I had. The installation took one day and the engineer made an excellent job. He was neat and tidy and explained the new controls to me thoroughly when he had finished. The new boiler provided much faster hot water pressure and I am pleased I made that decision to have the new boiler installed.

Since then I have noticed a reduction on my monthly gas payment even though gas prices have risen. Aura Gas now service my boiler annually and I wouldn’t choose to use anyone else.

Jane Rees, Hulbert Road, Havant


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